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Modular Clean Room Design - Aneuvas Technologies

Northern Arizona University Mechanical Engineering Capstone 2023-2024


• Led the design and construction of a modular curtained clean room area

• Created a modular clean room for sterile manufacturing of medical devices


• Met requirements such as FFU compatibility, positive pressure, and space for 6 people

• Optimized workflow and ensured a sterile environment for medical device assembly

IDEA Lab Manager

Northern Arizona University 2020 - 2023


• Played a key role in establishing and enhancing the functionality of the IDEA Lab

• Managed lab rules, machine offerings, and repairs


• Created work order forms, organized machine information, and managed data

• Coordinated with faculty, ensured lab safety, and provided design feedback

E3 Displays

Internship 2021


• Redesigned a debonder device to improve efficiency and compactness

• Reimagined the design and functionality of the debonder to address shortcomings


• Designed and manufactured sheet metal jigs for housing electrical components

• Conducted dry optical bonding testing and worked in a cleanroom for product testing

• Contributed to various aspects of the project, including problem-solving and collaboration

Future Engineers Summer Camp

Northern Arizona University 2021 - 2022


• Organized summer camps to inspire and empower students in STEM fields

• Introduced engineering to young girls and emphasized inclusivity

Design and Education

• Developed engaging activities and hands-on projects to teach engineering fundamentals

• Expanded the camp to include elementary students from underprivileged communities, particularly those residing in reservations, with a specific focus on robotics and design principles

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Mechancial Engineering Graduate

I have acquired a strong foundation in engineering principles and problem-solving techniques. With my comprehensive knowledge in the field, I am equipped to tackle complex challenges and deliver innovative solutions. My academic background, combined with practical experience gained from working in various domains, enables me to excel in both team environments and individual projects.


Experienced Multidisciplinary Engineer

Demonstrating proficiency in various domains and industries, including mechanical engineering, team collaboration, and individual project management.


Versatile Problem Solver

Successfully tackled challenges in diverse settings, from working at renowned companies like E3, designing displays for esteemed clients like Tesla, to founding and managing a university lab environment.

Industry Familiarity

Python MATLAB SolidWorks Svelte VS Code Microsoft Google
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